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Pratik Nair
Pratik Nair

Pratik Nair

Toronto, ON
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As Evaluation and Knowledge Translation Lead, Pratik conducts evaluations, analysis, and produces deliverables (reports, presentations) to inform our programs. In addition, Pratik is consistently updating our evidence base with the latest research so we’re keeping abreast with science and best practice. His approach to this kind of work involves illuminating practice with theory and reimagining theory in light of practice.

Pratik holds a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Toronto and has conducted evaluations on programs and policy for children’s television, health services in Ontario municipalities, and harm reduction services in South America. After initial experience founding and managing a mental health education campaign, Pratik found himself drawn to an uncharted field of health promotion, where much further work was to be done to educate, destigmatize, and advocate.

Outside of work you can find Pratik being active, reading, or cheering on your Toronto Maple Leafs.

My mental health revolution will happen when mental health is a right: to express, to be informed, and to access.