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Stuart McHenry
Stuart McHenry

Stuart McHenry

Toronto, ON
Born and raised in Brampton, Stuart began to harness his passion for equity, inclusion, and community engagement early on in life. He spent seven years working in youth programs, mentoring and empowering Brampton’s diverse and vibrant youth population. 

Stuart spent six years at the University of Western Ontario, where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Geography and a Master’s degree in Migration and Ethnic Relations, with his research focused around immigrant integration and anti-racism. He continued to follow his passion for social justice through his involvement in the labour movement, advocating for better working conditions for graduate students and other academic workers.
On any given night, you can find Stuart playing a game of baseball, basketball, or hockey, or just simply kicking back and watching the Blue Jays, Leafs, or Raptors’ game with friends. If not participating in some sort of sports related activity, you can find him searching for concerts or the best street food (preferably hot and spicy) in the city.
Stuart’s role at perfectly combines his experience engaging and mentoring youth with his passion for equity and inclusion, which is why he is so invested in’s programs.
My mental health revolution is one where we have achieved true equity across the mental health landscape. High quality mental health resources, services, and education must be available to those who are most vulnerable and be inclusive of migrants and racialized groups.