This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

"Humans of Your Community" Initiative

Download "Humans of Your Community" Initiative Guide

Perfect for classes, school clubs, youth groups, individuals. Appropriate for anyone comfortable with social media.

Description: Remember ‘Humans of New York’? Well this is ‘Humans of YOUR community! Interview and photograph different students, faculty, and/or community member to get their take on positive mental health. Then feature them on social media to help normalize the mental health conversation in your community. You can ask things like:

How can we eliminate stigma against mental health?

How do you take care of your mental health during exam season?

What do you wish others knew about mental health?

Objective: To show that everyone has mental health, as well as to create an open and positive conversation about mental health.

Impact categories: Knowledge & Attitudes

Cost: $0

Human requirements: Someone with a camera to take photos and an interviewer. Simple as that! You could also send multiple interviewer/photographer teams out if you want to cover more ground!

Partnerships: Is there a photography group or club on campus? Working with them would give them good experience, plus it would result in high quality photos for you to post. Win win.

Promotion: Social media is KEY. Make some noise! Use the hashtag #DoSomething to be part of a national network of thousands who are sharing their initiatives. Make sure to tag us @jackdotorg so we can see the rad stories you’ll be sharing!