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Jack Talks: Become a Speaker

  • Who can apply to become a Jack Talks Speaker?

    Speakers must be 18 or older. We say 26 years old is the ceiling, but TBH, that's a loose restriction. As long as you’re able to relate to young people on a peer-to-peer level, we encourage you to apply.

  • What’s the time commitment like?

    Because every speaker is different, the online training to become certified typically takes candidates between 20 to 50 hours to complete - all in. This training typically happens online in the summer. Candidates have a total of 5 weeks to complete it. However, feel free to apply throughout the year as the team occasionally trains folks who are in areas that are either underrepresented or have an excess demand. Speakers typically deliver 4-7 talks per year, although this varies based on your availability and the demand for talks in your area.

  • Is there compensation?

    Speakers are volunteers. provides the training, coaching, marketing, coordination, and logistical support to make Jack Talks possible. Any out-of-town travel costs are covered. 

  • How does it work?

    An organization contacts to book a talk. A Talks Coordinator arranges the details and assigns the talk to speakers who are available at that time in that region. Talks are most often given in pairs, so two speakers are secured before the talk is confirmed. Once the speakers are confirmed, they are introduced to each other and schedule a rehearsal. Jack Talks staff work with them throughout this process to prepare every detail of the talk - from travel to content to ordering you extra swag. Speakers travel to the venue, set up, deliver their talk, collect student interest in starting a Jack Chapter, and report back to on how it all went. In short: speakers go through rigorous training and lots of personal growth and are supported by staff every step of the way.

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