This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.


What are Jack Chapters?

Jack Chapters are groups of young people at high schools, colleges, universities, and community settings who work year-round to identify and break down barriers to positive mental health and make concrete change in their communities across Canada. 

Mentored by staff, Chapters reflect on their community needs and shape outreach plans that shift how people think about, talk about, and care for their mental health. Recognizing that every environment is unique, how each Chapter does this work will vary. What’s important is that all Chapter work is underpinned by the message that everyone has mental health, and everyone needs to care for it.

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What do Jack Chapters do?

Chapter work is as diverse as the young people that lead them. Chapters are encouraged to reflect on the needs and barriers of their specific community, and to embed their work within the strengths of their community. This helps Chapters focus their efforts on activities that are specific to their communities. 

For example, some Chapters focus on ending the silence around mental health, while others focus on increasing help-seeking behaviours or advocating for more accessible services. 


What does a Chapter need to do?

All Chapters must:
  • Complete a simple Chapter Agreement
  • Have all members fill out the registration form
  • Complete Chapter training (which includes foundational mental health knowledge, safety, how to be a chapter)
  • Talk to us on a call at least 3 times per year and check in over email every month
  • Fill out forms if you are running activities

What does a Chapter team look like?

Typically, Chapters are led by 1-2 Chapter Leads, 4-5 executive members, and a Staff / Adult Lead for younger teams (e.g. a teacher, youth worker, or elder), but this can vary depending on the community and setting of the Chapter. 


What makes the program unique?

Chapters are youth-led and tailored to the diverse experiences, cultures, and barriers of their communities. Through the Jack Chapter program, we support young leaders to shape work that allows them to address the concerns most impacting their mental health and ability to seek help when they need it.

By joining the Jack Chapter program, Chapter members gain access to the following:
  • funding and swag to support the work you plan to do in your community;
  • Structured training and ongoing access to's mental health and action planning resources;
  • Personalized administrative and logistical support in building and running your Jack Chapter from one of our Program Coordinators throughout the year;
  • Opportunity to participate in Jack Summits to learn from and collaborate with other youth leaders.
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Hear from our Jack Chapters

“I find that developing a tight-knit community with every individual I met thanks to this program has given me so much, and allowed me to advocate in a way I could never initially imagine.”

Samarah (Chapter Lead at St Joseph Secondary School, 2020/21)

Hear from our Jack Chapters

“ goes the extra mile to ensure that all chapters are comfortable and confident with running their chapter, which ensures that every chapter has the opportunities and resources to easily impact the community that they are in.”

Aliza (Chapter Lead at John Fraser Secondary School, 2021/22)

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