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The Everesting Bike Challenge

  • Where does the course go and how long is it?

    The event is along a paved 2km stretch with an average grade of 4% on Heritage Road (North of King Side Road) within the Town of Caledon.

    There are 3 options available.

    6 rider team: 1,474m climbing, approximately 73km, 18 laps, 3-5 hours per rider

    4 rider team: 2,212m climbing, approximately 109km, 28 laps, 4-6 hours per rider

    8 rider team: 1,106m climbing, approximately 53km, 14 laps, 2-4 hours per rider

    Each lap is approximately 3.9km and 79m in elevation.

  • What if I want to ride on my own?

    Then congratulations, you're a Spartan on a set of wheels. However, we don't allow people to Solo Everest at the Everesting Bike Challenge, but we will happily assist you in setting up your own Everesting Challenge for, like Larry Optis did. Email us at

  • Registration / Fundraising

    Each participant must pay a registration fee of $150 and raise a minimum fundraising amount of $884.80.

  • What is included in the entry fee?

    Base Camp hospitality, food, and hydration for the duration of your climb

    Fully supported event from start to finish

    Mechanic services

    Medical services

    A very spiffy custom shirt

    Race chip

  • How much training should I do?

    This climb is not for the faint of heart. It's meant to push you to your limit - that's why it's such an electric experience. We don't want that experience compromised by injury. When setting a training schedule, please use common sense and your own expertise. Train hard, but train safe. And make safety a priority on the day.

  • Compulsory Equipment

    • Race chip (you will get this on the day)
    • Helmet
    • Bike
    • Bike shoes
    • Front and rear bike lights
    • Water bottle
    • Cycle jersey
  • Advised Equipment

    • Rain/wind vest
    • Phone/device/light chargers
    • Tire tubes
    • Bike pump
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Warm jersey, cap, socks, gloves
    • Base layer of clothing
    • Fresh change of cycle clothes
    • Leg and arm warmers
    • Extra nutritional supplies
  • Can we have a break anytime?

    Hey, we're not here to tell you how to conquer Everest. Have a break when you feel you need it. But bear in mind there is a 12 hour cutoff for individuals and teams.

  • Do you record my finish time and placement?

    Yes! This will allow you to get an accurate time of how fast you’ve climbed, and a full picture of your team's epic achievement. We'll issue rider rules nearer the event that will outline the etiquette, warning, and safety requirements.

  • What are the expected finish times?

    We expect 4 rider teams to finish in 4-6 hours, 6 rider teams in 3-5 hours, and 8 rider teams in 2-4 hours.

  • I’m not participating but my friends/family are riding in the event. Can I come to the course on the day and watch?

    Of course! We welcome any cheer squad members to the Challenge so they can watch and cheer on their friends and family.

  • My question remains unanswered!

    Fear not! Contact

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