This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

Building the Future Youth Deserve

In a world where suicide remains the top health-related cause of death for youth and young people struggle to navigate through our country’s deepening mental health crisis, is a spark for change. 

Our new Strategic Plan, created over a year of collaboration with young people, outlines our blueprint for how we will take on the greatest mental health challenges facing this generation and expand our work for youth populations with the most need.


Our Vision

A world where youth are mentally healthy, not in distress.

Our Mission

To work alongside youth to build communities and advocate for equitable systems that support their mental health needs.

Our Blueprint for Change

We will continue doing what we do best

Leverage the power of youth.

Young people understand each other. Our strength is our connection to youth, who reach their peers with vital support and understand the challenges of the mental health crisis because they live through it every day.

Alongside partners, we will adapt our peer-based programming to reach more young people from diverse backgrounds with relevant mental health education and we will build pathways for them to have their say in decisions that affect their health.


Create communities of belonging.

Every young person deserves someone to turn to when they’re struggling. We will foster spaces of support and safety and build networks that are intentionally inclusive to make sure that, when struggle inevitably arises, young people don’t navigate it alone.


“Seeing’s rare combination —of enabling youth to make change and impact, and being treated as a leader because of your experiences—was a life-changing moment for me.”

- Abeer Ansari (she/her)
Strategic Plan Advisor, Youth Network Advisor to the Board, Former Network Representative & Jack Talks Speaker

Working with trusted partners, we will meet the needs of underserved youth

Establish a mental health coalition with equity at the core.

The progress we’ve made in the mental health space hasn’t reached everyone. Too many communities are plagued by stigma, and systemic barriers prevent many Indigenous, Black and newcomer youth from getting the mental health support they need.

We must do more to change this. Side by side with partners, we will put priority populations at the center of mental health conversations to meet their needs and foster a more inclusive future.


Build more mental health resources to meet diverse needs.

Young people are not a monolith. They need mental health education that reflects their experiences and meets them where they’re at in their mental health journey. In lockstep with youth, we will co-design resources that are culturally-relevant and customizable, so that we can reach youth with content that is suited to their needs.


“Building relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities, especially young people, is an integral part of how we cultivate a healthy planet and future. We are proud to partner with to bring Indigenous youth leadership to the forefront of conversations about youth wellbeing and to develop resources alongside them. This is the path to fostering wellness in youth for generations to come.”

- Meagan Lortie (she/her)
Indigenous Relations Manager,Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

We will champion policies that serve youth:

Develop an advocacy framework built on youth insight and expertise.

Mental health care needs an overhaul to tackle the youth mental health crisis. More attention is needed to prevent young people from reaching a point of distress. The only way to effectively address this gap is to lean into youth leadership in a big way. Through our advocacy framework, young people will become partners in mental health policy creation and crisis prevention conversations.


“Ending the youth mental health emergency belongs to all of us. is driving lasting change by not only addressing the present crisis — but building a stronger foundation for our youth tomorrow.”

- Rowena Pinto (she/her)
President and CEO,


Our Community

Our mission is fueled by young people, partners, and supporters who share our vision for a better world for youth.

Young people need support in building a better future. Join our essential work by reaching out or making a donation today.

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