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Karen Chen
Karen Chen

Karen Chen

Toronto, ON

As Summit Coordinator, Karen is responsible for the planning and execution of the National Summit, as well as the five regional summits across Canada.

A lifelong learner, Karen studied political science and philosophy at McGill, business at Queen’s, and fashion at Ryerson. Having planned events from dance productions to fashion shows to speakers series, she is looking forward to take on the role of Summit Coordinator and make the summits a great experience for everyone! 

Karen is passionate about community and relationship building. Her fondest memory is starting a contemporary ballet company during her time at McGill, where she aimed to create an inclusive, welcoming dance culture. She is extremely excited to be a part of and make a positive change in the mental health landscape.

Outside of work, you can find Karen dancing, reading, or planning her next adventure (in the city or around the world)!

My mental health revolution is a world where mental health is accepted openly across all cultures, feelings are respected, and long-term, low-cost counselling is accessible to everyone.