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Laura Dalmazzi
Laura Dalmazzi

Laura Dalmazzi

Toronto, ON
After getting her Sociology degree from Queen’s University, Laura decided that it was her mission to save the world - one animal at a time. This involved becoming a Certified Veterinary Assistant, working for the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, volunteering at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, and bringing home four furry family members of her own.

After a brief foray into the craft beer industry, and one Human Resources Management post-graduate program later, Laura entered the world of tech start-ups and spent three years exploring her passion for business operations and technological innovation at two early-stage software companies. This was where Laura realized the importance within her own life of having a positive impact on individuals’ understanding of their own mental health, and that of others around them.

If you’re looking for Laura, she can probably be found scouring a second-hand store for brightly-coloured pants, trying desperately to keep all her houseplants alive, daydreaming about one day operating her own farm animal and/or geriatric dog sanctuary, bottling her latest batch of homemade kombucha, or watching The Office all the way through for the 917th time.

Laura still plans to save the world one animal at a time, but her definition of “animal” has expanded to include those of the human variety as well, which is why her work at is so important to her.

My mental health revolution looks like a world in which becoming educated on how to help your loved ones who are struggling with their mental health is just as commonplace as learning how to stop, drop, and roll.