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Lindsay Currie
Lindsay Currie

Lindsay Currie


After experiencing struggles with her own mental health and having a family member who was struggling with their mental health, Lindsay became very passionate about improving the mental health landscape for future young Canadians and wanted to do that work with!
To Lindsay, being a network representative means collaborating with other network members in her region, being the face and voice of the network, and working with staff on projects that are important to driving forward the work at This role is an amazing opportunity to develop leadership skills within the organization as well.
Lindsay is motivated by seeing the Canadian mental health care system make progress in direct response to the advocacy work that Network Reps do, and makes her feel that the Network Rep efforts are really making a difference for young Canadians.
When she's not doing things for, Lindsay works full time as a neonatal ICU nurse. Lindsay loves to talk about the babies and their families and it brings her a lot of joy to be a small part of their journeys.