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Abby Walker (she/her)
Abby Walker (she/her)

Abby Walker (she/her)


Abby Walker (she/her) is a mental health advocate living in Toronto. She graduated with a business degree from Western University and now works for a mental health charity to support post-secondary students. Abby loves reading and writing in her spare time.

Interest or Motivation to Become a Senior Speaker
The combination of improving her public speaking and presentation skills paired with the opportunity to speak to large audiences is what Abby finds particularly enticing about the Senior Speaker model. As a mental health advocate, she has loved being a part of the Talks program and she is eager to do more within the organization by expanding her reach and impact sharing mental health education.

Training and Professional Development Interests
Abby would love to learn more about speaking to audiences whose experiences and backgrounds are different from hers. She occasionally struggles to find examples that resonate with those that grew up differently than she did, yet Abby wants to ensure she is able to do so to provide a resonating Talk. She would also like to learn more about how to engage with virtual audiences.

Speaking Experience
As a newly seasoned speaker, Abby has delivered Talks for over a year. 

What are the story themes you speak to?
Eating Disorder; Grief and Loss; Mental Illness; Self-esteem and Self-image