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Hannah Rosen (she/they)
Hannah Rosen (she/they)

Hannah Rosen (she/they)


Hannah Rosen (she/they) has been a Talks Speaker for four years, and can honestly say that it has been one of the best experiences of her life. Hannah works as an intersectional equity specialist, combining their passion for justice, equity, mental health, and advocacy into one incredible career. Hannah has had !!8!! concussions, and also loves to spread awareness about the connection between mental health and brain injuries. When they aren't talking about mental health, you can find them in the mountains, drinking matcha, or having a cozy night in with their pug, Sophia and cat, Tofu.

Interest and Motivation to Become a Senior Speaker
Along Hannah’s Jack Talks journey, she is excited to work along fellow experienced speakers so that they can continue their growth as a speaker. Hannah loves speaking about mental health and meeting new people. She is excited to be delivering more Talks to adult audiences, interacting with and supporting youth in their mental health journey. 

Training and Professional Development Interests
While Hannah has experience in delivering Talks to adult audiences, she believes that there’s so much room for growth and change. As a trained peer counsellor and ASIST trained interventionist, Hannah knows the importance of storytelling and wants to continue improving their public speaking skills. Hannah also would love to learn about media relations and to continue learning about how intersecting identities relate to mental health and culture. 

Speaking Experience
Hannah is a seasoned speaker with three years of experience delivering both in-person and virtual Talks, including more advanced opportunities such as speaking at the Canada World Youth Conference. 

What are the story themes you speak to?
Academic pressure/stress; Anxiety Disorder; Depression; Discrimination; Grief and Loss; LGBTQ2S+ topics; Mental Illness; Self-esteem and Self-image