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Karling Luciani (she/her)
Karling Luciani (she/her)

Karling Luciani (she/her)

British Columbia / Ontario

Karling is originally from a small town close to Niagara Falls, Ontario and currently works as a psychometrist at a neuro-psychology clinic in Vancouver, BC. She is a recent graduate of the Master's in Neuroscience program at UBC and is passionate about understanding how mental health and mental illness affects the brain. A fun fact about Karling is that she is a Triplet!

Interest and Motivation to Become a Senior Speaker
This pilot model interests Karling because she would love the opportunity to speak to larger groups of people to continue advocating for mental health with this new platform. Karling is currently in her Master's of Neuroscience studying mental illness, and she hopes to bring her knowledge into this role to help adapt and grow the speaker program. She has experience speaking to large groups at international research conferences, and believes this Senior Speaker model will further enhance her speaking skills to speak on the topics she is most passionate about.

Training and Professional Development Interests
With the current news happening in this world, Karling thinks cultural competence would be very important to include in the pilot model. As a white female, Karling knows there are many life challenges that people of various cultures experience that affect their mental health that she will not understand. Having workshops in media relations would also be a great opportunity because using media is one of the best ways to communicate to large groups of people.

Speaking Experience
As a seasoned speaker, Karling has delivered Talks for over four years. 

What are the story themes you speak to?
Academic pressure/stress; Anxiety Disorder; Depression; LGBTQ2S+ topics; Mental Illness; Self-harm