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Linda Mouhamou (she/her/elle)
Linda Mouhamou (she/her/elle)

Linda Mouhamou (she/her/elle)


Linda Mouhamou (she/her/elle) has been a business strategy & operations consultant and public speaker for over six years. Linda has been carving a niche specializing in bringing business, digital, and equity, diversity, and inclusion to the mental health industry. She’s worked with many mental health clients, founded a mental health tech startup and a mental health accommodations 101 workshop and served as a Board Director of Crisis Line. A racialized woman with many layers of intersectionality, including lifelong lived mental health disabilities, she brings both personal and professional expertise. Additionally, Linda speaks both English and French. Whether it's in her work or her personal life, skydiving or teaching chemistry magic, Linda loves to break the status quo.

Interest and Motivation to Become a Senior Speaker
Linda is enthusiastic about delivering Talks to various audiences, including those that are high-profile, corporate, and that target racialized and marginalized communities. She is looking forward to applying her professional and lived experience in hopes that others like herself will face fewer barriers in life and the workplace. Further, as an advisor in the Talks program redesign and development role, she is eager to be a voice at the table in the development process and share her knowledge. 

Training and Professional Development Interests
Linda is interested in receiving further professional development focused on specific marginalized groups and their ways of healing. She also has an interest in further developing her media relations know-how.

Speaking Experience
As a seasoned public speaker, Linda has delivered Jack Talks for over a year.

What are the story themes you speak to?
Academic pressure/stress; Anxiety Disorder; Depression; Discrimination; Immigrant Experience; Learning Disability; Mental Illness; Workplace/employment stress