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Michelle Samcoe (she/her)
Michelle Samcoe (she/her)

Michelle Samcoe (she/her)


Michelle Samcoe (she/her) was raised in Mississauga and has lived in Toronto since attending Toronto Metropolitan University for Radio and Television Arts. She also holds a graduate certificate in Television Writing and Producing from Humber College. Michelle has always been passionate about normalizing conversations around mental health, especially in creative spaces, and tries to celebrate self-care as much as any other achievement. In her free time, she can usually be found talking in five-minute-long Instagram stories, talking about newly discovered local businesses or talking about the stars. So talking. She can usually be found talking.

Interest and Motivation to Become a Senior Speaker
Michelle is excited to further her involvement with in this new role. She has learned so much from her past experiences as a speaker and looks forward to getting to help bring the Talk to diverse new audiences.

Training and Professional Development Interests
Definitely cultural competence - for instance, Michelle was encouraged by last year's speaker training module that allowed speakers to do their own research on land acknowledgments to craft their own. Another area of interest includes media relations from the perspective as it's related to her television background!

Speaking Experience
As a seasoned speaker, Michelle has delivered Talks for over two years.

What are the story themes you speak to?
Academic pressure/stress; Depression; Self-esteem and Self-image; Workplace/employment stress