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Teresa Chen (she/her/elle)
Teresa Chen (she/her/elle)

Teresa Chen (she/her/elle)


Teresa Chen (she/her/elle) is currently a medical student at the University of Alberta and has been involved across the mental health landscape for 6 years (so far)! Mental health equity is something that’s important to her, as is creating more inclusive resources to truly have mental health for all, regardless of our identities. In her spare time, she can be found with friends, tending to her houseplants or making ice cream.

Interest and Motivation to Become a Senior Speaker
Having done the Jack Talks program for a few years already, Teresa is looking to be more involved and to challenge herself in a new role as a Jack Talks Senior Speaker. She loves the idea of getting to do more specialized Talks, as well as having additional opportunities for targeted outreach, education and advising. The opportunity to have a more back-and-forth conversation with audiences and going beyond public speaking skills to hone skills in facilitation and discussion excites her.

Training and Professional Development Interests
Teresa is interested in learning more about teaching and facilitations skills on how to create productive group discussions and more conversational experiences. She would love to learn how to adapt language, content and stories to better engage with and speak about mental health with LGBTQ2S+, racialized and other marginalized communities.

Speaking Experience
As a seasoned speaker, Teresa has delivered Talks for over 3 years and has also served as a Network Representative.

What are the story themes you speak to?
Grief and Loss; Immigrant Experience