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Victory Angeli (they/them)
Victory Angeli (they/them)

Victory Angeli (they/them)

Nova Scotia

Victory Angeli (they/them) is a Master’s student at Dalhousie University. Over the last four years, Victory served as the president of a local Jack Chapter, a Regional Summit facilitator, a Network Representative for Nova Scotia, and of course, a Talks Speaker. Victory is a lifelong mental health activist because they know what it's like to struggle in silence. They channel their pain into power, with the goal of destigmatizing mental health once and for all. Fun fact: there are two things Victory loves to show off -- their X Ring and pictures of Lucky, their trusty Goldador. 

Interest and Motivation to Become a Senior Speaker
Victory believes that as a Senior Speaker, they can continue to share critical information on a wide scale while growing as a person. They believe that the Jack Talks program stands out as a unique medium for community-based mental health education using peer-led learning. According to Victory, the Senior Speaker model takes the Jack Talk and elevates it to new heights. Victory felt drawn to this new role as they believe that the Senior Speaker model’s mission, which is the dissemination of responsibly crafted messages to larger, non-traditional, or particularly high-profile audiences, amplifies the power of the Jack Talk.

Training and Professional Development Interests
It is Victory’s dream to contribute knowledge around the systemic factors influencing Canadian wellness, such as findings they generated through their undergraduate and graduate research projects, feedback from their community, and expertise through their personal lived experiences. Victory believes that the process of being a Senior Speaker will help them grow as a person, and further develop their skills in project planning, stakeholder engagement, and active listening. By engaging with leaders from diverse communities, they aim to strengthen their sense of cultural competency and respectful negotiation.

Speaking Experience
Victory has delivered several high-profile Talks before the Senior Speaker model was established, such as a high-profile Talk with the Government of Alberta that was livestreamed across the province, along with corporate Talks.

What are the story themes you speak to?
Anxiety Disorder; Bullying; Depression; Discrimination; LGBTQ2S+ topics; Mental Illness; Suicidal ideation; Violence