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REAL Canadian students give REAL practical advice on healthy mental health habits.
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Never forget how much your mental health matters.

Back to school can always be a very nerve-racking experience. It's always a time where young people endure a lot of change. Making new friends, the pressure of leaving your comfort zone, dealing with bullying - all of these things can often provide a great deal of stress. 

A notable transition is graduating high school and entering university or college. This is a big step for anyone. Students not only stress about their grades but also their apperarances and where they fit in to their social network. 

Remember that it's okay to talk to your friends and family about what's on your mind. More often than not, others around you are having similar experiences in a new school year. Know what's really beneficial as well? Taking a break! 

Everyone needs to pause and clear their mind. Getting dinner with a friend, going to the gym, having a family game night, listening to music - all can take your mind off things. Taking breaks while studying can help a student remember, or retain, what they have learned.

Watch our Young Leaders speak about positive mental health when going back to school in the video below!