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Brainfreeze 2018
Brainfreeze 2018

Brainfreeze 2018

If you're looking to #DoSomething for youth mental health, this is a blissful way to do it.
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A boneshakin' polar dip for youth mental health!

So! How was it? Just how much were you shivering after jumping into freezing cold water in support of youth mental health? Judging by the screams heard collectively from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver...I think it's fair to say that the water was quite frigid!

But really, how amazing does it feel to now be on the other side? To know that you accomplished such a feat? If you participated, we're so proud of you. Even if you didn't participate, we appreciate you spreading awareness for us so much!

Let's be real. Brainfreeze 2018 was a boneshakin' success. I'm so glad my fingers have finally thawed so I can update everything here on the website.

The concept of a polar dip for youth mental health is super rad on the surface. However, to actually see hundreds of people run into freezing cold water in December!? All in support of youth mental health? Now that's commitment to change!

Have a look for yourself...



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Television reporters Michelle Mackey and Mia Gordon from The Weather Network decided to get in on the fun as well! 

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We also have a ton of Highlights on our Instagram page. Incredible passion and hilarious reactions! 


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