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Breaking Barriers Summit 2019
Breaking Barriers Summit 2019

Breaking Barriers Summit 2019

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Mental Health in the Prairies.

What a day in Winnipeg! Hundreds of young leaders from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwestern Ontario came together for Breaking Barriers -’s youth-led summit on mental health in the prairies.

It was quite the inspiring day!

Attendees had the opportunity to engage with keynote speakers, participate in workshops, share insights and collaborate on real, actionable strategies.

Attendees deepened their understanding of culturally sensitive and inclusive approaches to mental health and were educated on how to campaign against stigma in the workplace and across school communities.

Michael “Redhead” Champagne, an award-winning community organizer, public speaker, and proud member of the Shamattawa Cree Nation was’s keynote speaker at Breaking Barriers. Michael offered many powerful statements and meaningful mental health messages such as:

“This is not a hypothetical situation. This is life and death. In our communities right now, the actions that you choose to take can and will literally save lives.”



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