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2018 Medavie Scholarship Recipients 
2018 Medavie Scholarship Recipients 

2018 Medavie Scholarship Recipients 

Great news for one of our young leaders from the Jack Chapter at Queen's University
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Erika Campbell receives Medavie Scholarship! is happy to send a warm congratulations to student leader Erika Campbell from Barrie, Ontario on receiving a 2018 Medavie Scholarship! Erika is one of our inspiring young people belonging to the Jack Chapter at Queen's University.

Medavie is a health company that oversees Medavie Blue Cross and Medavie Health Services. They are the largest private provider of emergency medical services in Canada.

We reached out to Erika and asked her about her recent award!

It's so exciting that you've been awarded the Medavie Scholarship! What does it mean to you?

Receiving the Medavie Scholarship is an honour. This scholarship recognizes my personal growth throughout my university career. With the help of my parents, friends, Chapter colleagues and mental health professionals, I have learned excellent strategies to cope with my mental health. I am incredibly grateful for everyone’s support.

At we often talk about the mental health revolution...What does your mental health revolution look like?

I hope that, as advocates, we can work together to create an inclusive mental health revolution. Mental health struggles look different for everyone and we each face a unique set of barriers to improving our well being. I hope the mental health revolution will work to close the gap between accessing timely (and affordable) mental health care that is appropriate for each person's unique identity.

What are you most proud of regarding your work with your Jack Chapter? Highlights?

The highlight of being a part of the Jack Chapter at Queen's University would be all the amazing people I have met. These people have inspired me in so many ways. The students included in the Queen's Jack Chapter are hardworking mental health advocates who are changing the way mental health is discussed on campus.

From planning the chapter's regional summit, concerts, exam de-stressors and general member meetings, I am so proud of our collective advocacy on campus. Each year the chapter grows and our family of mental health advocates gets bigger and stronger. This is made possible by the passionate student leaders in the chapter's executive who run a wide variety of events and initiatives to reach the student population. These events also introduced me to mental health advocates outside of the Queen’s community who have brought other perspectives to our mental health conversations.

I am so impressed by the high school mental health advocates I have met through

Conversations happening on a daily basis now are conversations that never happened three years ago, when I was in Grade 12. I had the opportunity to run a regional summit in my hometown for 133 high school students. The intersectional mental health conversations that I got to sit in on completely warmed my heart and demonstrated how far this revolution has come. Thank you - I am so proud and honoured to be a part of your amazing network of people working to change the mental health stigma.  

What's next for Erika Campbell's mental health advocacy?

Honestly, it’s difficult to answer because there are many different streams to advocacy.

I would like to work towards increasing the counsellor to student ratio in post-secondary schools. Having 1 counsellor for 850+ students is not okay. At some universities, the ratio is as high as 1 to 1,300.  Students should not have to wait weeks to get an appointment.

As a student, I feel that my peers and I deserve care that can be accessed in a timely manner to prevent a mental health crisis.