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OMG, they Everested
OMG, they Everested

OMG, they Everested

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The lowdown on Everesting 2017

In May of 2017, Larry Optis, as a part of our Ride Your Way series, cycled the equivalent escalation of Mount Everest in under 24 hours, doing hundreds of repetitions of the same hill. He did it in the wind and the rain, and he did it for youth mental health. It was jaw-droppingly inspiring, 

So we decided to take it one step further. 

In November 2017 - in spectacularly similar weather conditions - 46 riders came out to join Larry in this fierce endurance challenge, tackling the required 8,848 metres in teams and raising over $50,000 for youth mental health. It, too, was jaw-droppingly inspiring. 

Everesting has become an annual fundraiser for, inviting cycle enthusiasts to push their limits so that our young leaders can push theirs.

Join the movement.