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"It was cold. It was wet. But none of that mattered."
"It was cold. It was wet. But none of that mattered."

"It was cold. It was wet. But none of that mattered."

Why Joe raised thousands of dollars for through the Everesting Bike Challenge. 
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Fundraising Rebel: Joe Bruzzese.

"Over the years I have participated in various cycling events, from Ride for Cancer to Tour for Kids to Jack Ride. As with anyone, mental health has impacted me closely - whether through first-hand experiences or through my close friends and family. It’s sobering to hear the dark thoughts that burden some people’s minds - especially when that person is so young. Even worse, sometimes these young people try to brave their mental health issues alone, which is a heavy burden for any one person.

These experiences and realizations all led me to I’ve been involved with Jack Ride in prior years, but my most significant involvement with the organization was last year. Last year, my dear friend Larry Optis raised the bar for youth mental health awareness. Larry rode uphill for 24 hours, climbing an elevation equivalent to the height of Mount Everest. It was cold. It was wet. But nonetheless, it was important.

Which is why I had to get involved. is a fantastic foundation that achieves tangible impacts in the youth mental health movement. It just felt right to support the organization; I was so honored to join them in their fight. So, on October 29, 2017, myself and 45 other riders “Everested.” Together, we raised over $50,000 to support young leaders in’s network and to create awareness for youth mental health.

Again, it was cold. It was wet. But none of that mattered. Everyone knew that this cause was important. That youth mental health is worth riding for.

And I look forward to keep riding in the future, so I can do more for this important cause."

Joe, you're a gentleman and a scholar, a Rebel and a revolutionary.