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Meet these road warriors and mental health advocates on a mission. 
Meet these road warriors and mental health advocates on a mission. 

Meet these road warriors and mental health advocates on a mission

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Fundraising Rebels: Bike 2 Banff.
Arthur Szydlowski & Liv Mickie, the two heroes behind Bike 2 Banff, biked the 3,309km from London, Ontario to Banff. They raised over $8,000 for and youth mental health. 

The obvious question first: WHY?

Liv + Arthur: Well, mental health is a topic that we're passionate about. We both have people we care about who battle against mental illness and through our experience we found that many people, including ourselves, have had a very hard time discussing mental health. This should not be the case. We ride to normalize those conversations.

We are also slightly over the top in our love for adventures and bicycles.

Two admirable things to love! What was the experience like? 

Liv + Arthur: It certainly wasn't easy, that's for sure! Sometimes we would reach points where we really didn't think we could keep going and then we'd surprise ourselves and push through it. The whole trip was representative of mental health as a whole, in a way. It was also quite the adventure and Canada is so beautiful! We met a lot of GREAT people who all asked us why we were doing it. Our responses usually led to super conversations about mental health.

So much thinking time on the road...any epiphanies?

Liv + Arthur: YES! Lots of time to reflect on the bike has led us to many different conclusions. A major one being: doing this alone would be damn hard. Which also actually goes hand in hand with mental illness. Doing that alone is damn hard as well. Don’t be afraid to speak out. Together is always better than alone.

Be There

It’s an especially important time to look out for each other. can help you support anyone through a mental health struggle. We’re in this together.
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