This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.
Meet the Revolution: UNBC
Meet the Revolution: UNBC

Meet the Revolution: UNBC

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Meet a chapter that wants you to know you matter.

What obstacles does your chapter work to dismantle?

The negative perspectives that surround mental health at our campus. We target groups that often get forgotten or require more support due to systemic injustice. We also work to dismantle stigmatizing language and mentalities. In an environment that is comprised of high-standards, comparisons to peers, demanding tasks and other factors that cause pressure and stress, we work to dismantle the thinking that self-care is not necessary.

How do you dismantle these barriers?

We let everyone know that they are valued; that everyone does in fact have mental health and it is not only relevant to them, but important. We also work to have people know that everyone is on a spectrum from healthy to unwell, and that we are almost never stagnant in one area of the spectrum. We also work to dismantle these obstacles by specifically targeting vulnerable groups that lack representation and letting them know that they are accepted and valued. We also urge professors and other faculty and systems of power to discuss mental health/illness and let students know that help is available should they need it.

What impact is your work having?

The impact that we have had at our school is phenomenal. From the inception of UNBC, we have come a long way! In Northern BC, we have established our name and have gotten to the point where we are looking to reach that next step to make an even bigger impact at our school. Both at school and on social media, students and faculty have not only acknowledged our presence, many have thanked us for tackling these obstacles and supporting youth mental health. Students have emphasized that our initiatives have helped them stop and think about their mental health. With that being said, from here, the only place we can keep going on our journey as youth mental health advocates at UNBC is UP.