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Meet the Revolution: Lucas Walters
Meet the Revolution: Lucas Walters

Meet the Revolution: Lucas Walters invited Lucas Walters, an exceptional young advocate, to tell his story and make his case for charities like
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"You may have experienced this kind of silence."

“This blog is an act of advocacy, and sharing my story with you will help to break the silence.

Another word for silence is stigma.

You may have experienced this kind of silence yourself, or you may have seen it in those around you. It’s the silence felt when we can’t express ourselves for fear of judgement or misunderstanding. This silence cocoons and isolates us, separating us from friends and family, and puts up walls where there should be windows. Silence means people take on mental health struggles alone without support, reassurance, guidance or love. This silence is felt, and worsened, by those who don’t have access to the resources needed when they struggle with mental health.

I’ve known this silence. I’ve felt this silence. But here’s the good news: in my first year of university I was connected to, a network of young leaders all across Canada. Young leaders from every province and territory fighting tirelessly to fill this silence. 2,500 of us helping our peers access the tools and resources so sorely needed by those struggling with mental health issues. We all bring our own skills and strengths as we deliver hundreds of Jack Talks presentations to schools and communities, break barriers locally through over 150 Jack Chapters and come together to collaborate at one national summit and 18 Regional Summits across Canada – and that’s just this year.”