This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.
Knock knock. Who's there? 2,500+ young leaders. 
Knock knock. Who's there? 2,500+ young leaders. 

Knock knock. Who's there? 2,500+ young leaders. 

Our #WeAreReady campaign got the attention of policymakers all over Canada. 
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At #JackSummit 2018, 200 youth delegates from every province and territory in Canada filmed a video address to Justin Trudeau in which they urged him to make youth mental health a priority and invite the youth voice to the table. The video was shared over 650 times and seen by thousands of Canadians. But he never responded. 

So for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, we took it up a notch. 

Groups of young leaders all over Canada gathered between May 7-13 to film video addresses not just to Trudeau, but to their local politicians too, outlining the specific needs of their regions. Videos were made in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, BC, the North and the Prairies. 

Almost 8,000 people shared or commented on the videos. Over 80,000 Canadians saw them. And finally, politicians started to respond. 

We heard from Wab Kinew, Gerry Rogers, the Waterloo Liberals, Tara Jijian, Margaret Froh, Pauline Frost, Silken Laumann and the Prime Minister himself. 

Conversations were started. And that's great. But this was just one step of hundreds. Now it's up to us to hold policymakers accountable to action, and to keep finding ways to share our voice and surface our needs. 

This is the health issue of our time. And #WeAreReady.