This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

Book the Pre-Recorded Jack Talk: Classroom Edition

What is the Pre-Recorded Jack Talk: Classroom Edition? Good question! 

**Book your Jack Talk using the form below.** created this pre-recorded edition of the Jack Talk to ensure young people continue to have access to first-rate mental health education during COVID-19, isolation, and disrupted schedules. As a new addition to the Jack Talks program, the Pre-Recorded Jack Talk: Classroom Edition uses peer-to-peer education to teach young people how to identify signs of struggle, how to look out for themselves and one another, and how to access support. We provide access to our online learning system, as well as support and materials to help educators and adults guide young people through the learning experience. 

The Jack Talk is based on a professionally-developed curriculum and focuses on equating the importance of mental health to that of physical health. When you book this Jack Talk, you are provided with:

  • a digital learning environment
  • a professionally-recorded Jack Talk
  • a organizer facilitation guide
  • discussion guides
  • prompts
  • quizzes
  • and more! 

The talk is designed for young people aged 15-24. The talk is delivered by two trained youth speakers aged 18-24 so there is an authentic peer-to-peer connection between the speakers and the audience. The speakers share their own mental health story in accordance with our Safe Storytelling guidelines which ensure that audiences receive the story in a way that is non-triggering and positive. They also educate audiences about the basics of mental health, including the dual spectrum of mental health on which we all - without exception - exist. Speakers share lessons on how to recognize signs of struggle in themselves and their peers, and how to be there for those who might be struggling. Most importantly, the talk covers how to connect with resources, so that audiences have actionable next steps they can undertake.