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Regardless of your age, you can organize a Jack Talk.


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Once you hit "Submit" below, you will be ushered through two main steps to get you set up for your talk(s):

First, you will redirected to a thank you page where you can access your Organizer's Guide that walks you through important information about the talk. In the interest of safety and properly equipping you to host the talk, working through this short guide is mandatory for all organizers (it typically takes about 5-15 minutes to complete).

Second, once you have completed the Organizer's Guide you will be redirected to a landing page that contains the links to our pre-recorded talks. You can use this link to host your audience as a group or send it to them to complete on their own time.

If you need to step away at any point through this process, no worries! You will have automated emails sent to you that outline these steps and how to continue along whenever you'd like to revisit. As well, once you've gone through our Organizer Guide, you will have the chance to opt into a follow-up call with one of our Program Coordinators to support in any way we can! E.g. answering questions, planning for action post-talk, discussing our other program offerings, etc. 

While our guide should be able to answer most questions you have right now, if you need to connect with us more urgently, please email

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