This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

Learn about the Modular Jack Talk

What is the Modular Jack Talk?

The Modular Jack Talks is a new Jack Talks offering designed to be customized to audience needs and focus on specific, selected content. A Talk can include one or two modules based on the amount of time available. The Modular Talk will eventually provide organizers with the opportunity to choose from several modules related to mental health and customize the delivery based on audience knowledge levels and level of engagement.

The Modular Talk may cover one or more of the following modules:

  • Mental health knowledge. Sample topics: Definition of mental health and mental illness, dual spectrum, struggle versus crisis, social and structural determinants of mental health and groups of mental illnesses
  • Strategies for being there for others. Sample topics: Be There 5 Golden Rules: Say What You See, Show You Care, Hear Them Out, Know Your Role, Connect to Help and Be There in a Crisis
  • Strategies for being there for ourselves. Sample topics: Self-awareness, emotional regulation, self-compassion, resilience, self-care, recognizing signs and symptoms and coping strategies
Pilot Phase of the Modular Jack Talks

From May 23rd to the end of June, we will be piloting the Modular Talks. This will include limited options for customization as we test content and delivery, and will allow us to incorporate changes in preparation for a full launch in the fall of October 2023. The two variations of the Modular Talk available during the pilot are:

  • Introductory knowledge level + low-engagement audience + no specific theme woven throughout
  • Experienced knowledge level + high-engagement audience + body image & eating disorders theme woven throughout
Our trained speakers would deliver one 45-minute or one 90-minute Modular Jack Talk.

Will there be more content modules, themes, and identity-specific customizations available?

Yes! Next steps will involve: 

  • Creating two new modules: 
  1. Reducing Stigma & Normalizing Mental Health Conversations 
  2. Resources for Help-Seeking
  • Creating specific themes to include: climate stress, social media, self-harm etc.
  • Developing partnerships and creating content with specific communities and populations to ensure culturally inclusive mental health education.
Check out our Modular Jack Talks overview to promote this new offering.

I would like to bring a Modular Jack Talk to my youth audience, what do I need to do?

Amazing! We’re so excited to work with you! Please complete the pre-launch sign up form here and we'll connect with you closer to the fall. If you have any initial questions, feel free to reach out at