This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

What you should know: created the Virtual Jack Talk to ensure young people continue to have access to first-rate mental health education during isolation. As a new addition to the Jack Talks program, the Virtual Jack Talk uses peer-to-peer education to teach young people how to identify signs of struggle, how to look out for themselves and one another, and how to access support. We offer two versions of the Virtual Jack so that anyone seeking mental health education for themselves, their families, or their students has an option!

The Virtual Jack Talk: Classroom Edition is designed for educators and parents who are looking for comprehensive mental health education for their teens. It can be done in a classroom or group setting. Registrants are provided with a professionally-filmed Jack Talk, a discussion guide, an online learning platform with quizzes and activities, and guidance from trained staff. This edition of the Talk takes about an hour to complete.

The Virtual Jack Talk: Personal Edition (coming soon!) offers a more lightweight experience. Users can watch the Talk and complete the activities on their own time, at their own pace. 

Both versions use peer-to-peer education, the power of personal stories, and online learning technologies to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to identify signs of struggle in themselves and others, support one another through challenging times, and connect to help. The Virtual Jack Talk was developed in collaboration with young people and mental health professionals, so you know it's safe, effective, and engaging. 

Mental health literacy has never been more important. Get learning, and share the talk with anyone in your life who needs it! 

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