This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.

Progress is crucial. 

The challenge before us is clear: we need to build a mental health system worthy of this decade. We need to build a future without stigma, without shame. Where people can speak up about struggle and have the skills to support one another. Monthly giving provides young leaders with the foundation of support they need to build the future they deserve. That future is possible. But it’s not inevitable. Not unless we commit to building it.

Look around and chances are you see innovation all around you. Tech has revolutionized the way that we interact with the world. Everything from how we get our news to keep up with our friends is radically different from a decade ago. But there’s one area that seems stuck in the past: our mental health care system. And the consequences of that are dire. It looks like self-hate, crippling anxiety, addiction. It looks like lives lost by suicide. There’s no excuse for inaction. is building a better future. Producing groundbreaking mental health resources. Educating thousands of young people about their mental health. Reporting on the fractured state of mental health care systems. Advocating for those systems to change. Calling on the country to join us. Your monthly donation powers the work of young people across the country. It gives them a platform to make the change we desperately need. To build the future we deserve.

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