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Created by, Be There is the most engaging and comprehensive resource available to learn how to support someone struggling with their mental health. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, get started at

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  • Show You Care - Erica & Liv
    “I was checking in with her and really trying to show her that I cared for her at a time when she wasn't caring about herself.” 

    When Liv was in the hospital, her older sister, Erica, would come visit her every day. Erica tried to remind Liv of things she enjoyed; anything to get her excited about being alive. They always shared a love for animals so when Liv got out of the hospital Erica drove Liv out to a farm she was taking care of.  Erica didn’t know what exactly Liv needed; Liv didn’t even know. But Erica knew her sister and what she had benefited from in the past. Understanding that Liv might not be able to ask for what she needed, Erica patiently tried one thing and then another. As Liv describes it, “It was almost like you had your arms out to catch me if I was going to fall, but you weren't right there being like, ‘You're going to fall and I'm going to catch you.’ "
  • Be There Basics Tutorial

    Being there for someone is an art, not a science. There’s no formula or instruction manual because every situation is different.

    Be There Basics will help you learn how to recognize when someone might be struggling with their mental health and gives you 5 Golden Rules to help you support and be there for them.

  • Say What You See - Jessie & Manvir
    You did a great job of continuously checking in, like a couple of weeks later sending a text, "Hey, I care about you. What's going on?" 

    Jessie was having a tough year. Issues with work, relationships, health, family; it was all piling up. Jessie’s friend Mani noticed she wasn’t as social as usual and reached out. He didn’t assume anything was wrong, he didn’t judge her for not keeping in touch; maybe she was just busy.  Mani checked in with Jessie and asked how she was doing.  With open-ended questions and gentle but persistent follow-up Mani got Jessie past her initial resistance to open up and gave her space to share what was going on.
  • Be There Website Preview is a game-changing mental health resource and it's available online now.
  • Sickboy Podcast on CTV Morning Live
    From the Sickboy podcast, Jeremie Saunders & Brian Stever speak about mental health and

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  • Alex San Diego introduces Be There on Global News Morning Edmonton Youth Mental Health Advocate, Alex San Diego introduces Be There on Global News Morning Edmonton.
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  • Fiona Ma on CTV News Vancouver
    Fiona Ma introduces Be There on CTV News Vancouver

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  • Amy Wang introduces Be There on Global News Toronto Youth Mental Health Advocate, Amy Wang introduces Be There on Global News Toronto.

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